This blood-thirsty killer Granny is out to get you and she’s got all the tricks in the bag: you can try to run, you can try to hide, you can try to plead for your life but she’ll have none of it. She’s focused solely on getting you soul and munching your body in her crooked teeth! Try your luck, maybe you’ll be the lucky one!

We're sure that you'll love this game, its gameplay is exquisite, the soundtrack is meant to run shivers down your spine every time you play and the difficulty of the game is right on the sweet spot: not too easy, not impossible. Even so, it’s a hard task to get rid of killer Granny. Will you escape or will you be yet another victim of the geriatric killer?

Multiple levels
Challenging gameplay

WASD to move
Space bar to jump
Left Shift to run

Granny Unblocked