Are you ready to defeat the rival gang with your mafia members? Gangsters is an unblocked action game where you direct three mafia members with a single button to eliminate enemies.

Guide them in the direction of the opponent gangsters. Raise the arms of your men and aim at the bad guys. Shoot them until all of them are dispatched in this pixelated shooting game!

Overview of Gangsters

  • There are two modes in Gangsters: P1 vs CPU and P1 vs P2. You can fight against a gang controlled by AI or challenge yourself with a friend in these modes.
  • Your main aim in this two-player game is to direct your gang, including three members, towards the rival gang.
  • You will see all three guys take action at the same time when you press the W key.
  • Trying to control them simultaneously will be a real challenge! It may need a little practice to master.
  • In addition, you must aim at the rival gang by raising your gang members’ arms.
  • Once you press the E key, their arms will start to rise. When you release the key, the gun will be fired!

Open Gun Boxes

  • You will have no weapons when you enter the battling arena with your gang.
  • But don’t worry! Weapons will drop from the air. Grab them and launch the attack.
  • Over time, you will see gun boxes floating from the air with a parachute. Strive to make your gang reach the boxes to open them.
  • Get all the weapons and health kits before the rival gang does. You will encounter many weapons ranging from pistols to machine guns.
  • You can also get saws and swords. But since you can only use them in close combat, they can be harder to aim an attack.

Weapons in Gangsters

You will have a wide range of weapons in Gangsters. You can find both melee weapons and long-barreled weapons. You will see a saw or a sword in your hand from time to time.

At another time, you can find yourself firing with an automatic rifle. Furthermore, you can even get a bazooka that will tremble your opponents. Enjoy discovering all kinds of weapons in this action game!


Desktops and Laptops

Player 1

  • W Key: Jump
  • E Key: Attack

Player 2

  • I Key: Jump
  • O Key: Attack

Mobile Devices

  • Use the red and blue buttons on the screen to jump and attack.


Shared Dreams developed Gangsters.

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Gangsters Unblocked