Doom 2D is an unblocked action game inspired by the popular FPS game Doom. You will find yourself in a labyrinthine as a space marine in the game. You must find the exit immediately!

To get there, destroy every ugly creature you encounter in the maze. Use your gun and fire it to the creatures. Collect all the necessary stuff, such as bullets and armor, and be on your way to making progress in this shooting game!


  • A/Left Arrow: Move Left
  • D/Right Arrow: Move Right
  • W/Upper Arrow: Jump
  • 1-7 Number Keys: Switch Weapon
  • CTRL/Left-Click: Shoot
  • Spacebar: Open Doors
  • O Key: Autoswitch Weapon

How to Play Doom 2D

  • Doom 2D has the same story and gameplay as the original game Doom. There are three difficulty levels from normal to hard: “Hey, not too rough!”, “Hurt me Plenty.” and “Ultra-violence!”.
  • While trying to research teleportation technology, the humans opened a new portal on Earth.
  • Their curiosity about the Martian Gate led them to a big mistake. Now, many demons are flocking to the world.
  • You have been called upon to the research facility as a member of the UAC Security Guard. But the terrible thing is that you lost contact with all the scientists.
  • Your main aim in this action game is to defeat all the demons you encounter in the maze and reach the scientists. Someone has to close the portal!

Reach the Exit Room

Until you reach the exit room, you will have to deal with many kinds of creatures. Zombies, demons, and possessed undead humans will welcome you to the maze. As the space marine called Doomguy, you must find a way to eliminate them.

Collect weapons, bullets, armor and many other things that you can use to your advantage. Remember that you can set the difficulty level from the menu before entering the moons of Mars.

Collect the Keycards

Besides the creatures, you must pass many doors while traversing in labyrinths. Some of them can be opened without anything, but some require special keycards.

Before reaching the locked doors, collect the necessary keycards scattered throughout the maze. Remote switches can also open them. Keep your eyes wide open in the maze! You must overcome each challenge to reach the exit.


Jens Winterstein developed Doom 2D.

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