Are you in the mood to taste something delicious? Cookie Tap is a game that allows you to make your own cookies.

How do you increase the number of cookies? You need to tap on the cookie as quickly as possible to earn more points.
How many cookies can you make? Test your speed and precision. It might be challenging, but it is worth it for your cookie factory.

You can always upgrade the level of Cookie Tapper. This power-up will boost the speed, enabling you to tap on cookies at a much faster rate. Cookie Grandma will help you without missing out on any cookies. Upgrading the level of cookie farm, bakery and factory is very important.
This way, you benefit from the multiplier that will offer a specific number of cookers per second.
Always check out and tap on the other cookie appearing on the screen if you want to receive cookies just from one shot. Boost your score and get excited for the challenges of the next level. 

If you like chocolate and cookies, now is the perfect chance to obtain your own factory and bakery. The customers can't wait for your delicious dessert. So, save time and increase your popularity as a cookie baker.

Cookie Tap Unblocked

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