Bloxorz is an unblocked puzzle game where you aim to move the block on the tiles and pass it vertically through a square hole. In the first place, it may sound simple. But in later levels, things will get trickier. There are 33 stages to accomplish. Do your best in this challenging brain game and succeed in all the stages!

How to Play Bloxorz

Guide your block through the stage and bring it to where the hole is by using the WASD or the arrow keys. But be careful! If you fall the cube off the edges, you will fail that stage and must restart. You have 33 stages to play, each getting harder as you progress. You will encounter many bridges and switches in later levels. Use the switches to your advantage to achieve success.

Heavy and Soft Switches

You will see two types of switches on the platform: Heavy X-shape and Soft round. The cube must put pressure on the switches to activate them. You must create full pressure on the heavy switches by standing on them. The soft ones require a light touch. Your cube does not need to stand rest on any of the switches to keep the bridges closed.

Orange Tiles

Orange tiles are the most fragile tiles on the platform. If the cube stands vertically on these tiles, the tile cannot support the weight and falls. It means game over. Therefore, the block must pass all these orange areas horizontally. You may have to create a strategy by using your mind to pass these areas in some places.

The Third Switch

There is a third switch in the shape of ( ). It will enable your block to teleport to different locations by splitting it into two small pieces. You must steer these smaller pieces one by one. You can select the piece you want to move by using the spacebar. The pieces will become a regular block again when they get next to each other. You must enter the hole with the standard cube to complete the level.


  • WASD or the Arrow Keys: Move the block


Bloxorz was developed by Damien Clarke from DX Interactive.

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Bloxorz Unblocked