Best Scratch Games

Best Scratch Games

Scratch is the largest coding language and community for children. It has a straightforward visual interface that enables young individuals to create digital:

  • Stories

  • Animations

  • Games.

Scratch Foundation, a non-profit organization, manages this platform. Available in more than 70 languages, Scratch offers over 100 games. Let me take you through 16 top Scratch games I have played before.

Geometry Dash

After playing over 30 games, I discovered that Geometry Dash is the simplest to play. It has simple-to-follow instructions, which include:

  • Restart: [Green Flag]

  • Jump: [Ctr], [Up], [W], [Space] or clicking the mouse.

  • LAG: [L] to toggle the game’s special effects.

  • PAUSE: [P] to pause

In this game, a green square-shaped sprite is the main character. Using these controls, the sprite moves along a path with spikes that it must jump to remain alive. The game will be over when the tiny, green, square-shaped sprite touches, hits, or lands on any of these spikes.

Chase HQ

I love car racing, and that is why Chase HQ is my second game on this list. You'll fall in love with Chase HG if you're like me. This classic racing game will require you to avoid other cars and road obstacles as you chase the criminals.

My favorite part was to catch the criminals in the white car and smash it hard! So, how did I control the game? Eager to know? I found it easy, thanks to these straightforward Chase HG game controls:

  • Turbo: [X]

  • Accelerate: [Z or Up]

  • Steer: [Left/Right Arrow]

  • Change Gear: [Space]

  • Play: [Green Flag]

Paper Minecraft

Do you always fall in love with adventure due to its numerous benefits? You’ll never want to miss the Paper Minecraft game. With simple-to-follow instructions and game tools and blocks, I was able to construct my virtual world.

Suitable for all ages, the game has singleplayer and creative modes. I customized my virtual world by adding buildings, trees, and other beautiful structures of my choice.

I was also able to create characters while interacting with my counterparts online. One unique feature I discovered was that the game offers a vast array of challenges and options, allowing for much-needed engagement and entertainment. Key instructions are:

  • Move Around: [WASD]

  • Mining and Punching: [Left Click]

  • Place Black When Crafting: [E-Inventory, Space]

  • Drop a Single Tile: [Space]

  • Start: [Click the Green Flag]

Rolling Ball

Another game I found ideal for kids is the Rolling Ball. It’s the simplest of all Scratch games. My work was to control the small ball, ensuring it follows the column that has a colored square at the end. When the ball reaches the colored square, it bounces to the next grid.

As I progressed, I came across some single-colored squares that the ball must bounce on to remain in the game. In my first game, I collected 8 points, which are indicated on the upper right-hand side of the screen. So, how did I control the rolling ball? It's simple, and here are some tips for you.

  • The cursor helps keep the ball on the right column

  • The left button on the touchpad helps move the ball

Fortnite Z

As the last standing player, I was the winner. Fortnite Z is a unique battle royale game in which only the last standing player wins. Drawing from my experience, the game is exciting, fast-paced, and requires a strategy and quick reflexes. Several difficulty levels are available.

One feature I liked about this game is that it allows players to create custom games and invite their counterparts to join, while taking advantage of different vehicles, weapons, and a special crafting system. What are some of its important controls? Let’s find out.

  • Start: [The Green Flag]

  • Move: [WASD]

  • Look: [Mouse]

  • Click: [Shoot]

  • Pick Up: [E]

  • Build: [F]

Ball Blast

I have found from playing this game that it’s a fast-paced one. Players are in control of this shoot’em up game, firing cannons, and the most exciting part I discovered is to shoot down all the invading balls.

The powerups helped me to survive longer, battling antagonists as I collected coins and upgraded my ship. Many instructions are in-game, but here are the main ones:

  • Start: [The Green Flag]

  • To Shoot: [Swipe]

Tower Defense Scratch

Tower Defense requires a player to buy a tower. To do this, I used the icon available on the top left corner. Once you buy a tower and click on this button, you’ll see balls move in the meandered brown tunnel. The first wave features balls of the same color, and the number beside the heart symbol increases. 

Click on the icon again to trigger the second wave that includes yellow and brown balls. I determined through my observation that the yellow balls are usually faster than those of other colors. Important controls include:

  • Start: [The Green Flag]

  • Buy a tower: [Click on the button on the top left-hand side]

Chess Scratch

Are you a lover of chase? You’ll easily fall in love with the Chess game. It requires a player to pick a king to start. Once you do that, click on the different icons available to make a move. 

As a beginner, the game wasn’t friendly me, but through my trial and error, I discovered that Easy 1 and 2 levels aren’t challenging to play. Additional helpful controls include:

  • Restart

  • Import

  • Export

  • Undo

Based on my first-hand experience, if you’re a newbie, you need to learn the rules of chess, including the basics like:

  • Setting up the chessboard

  • Learning to move the pieces

  • Discovering the special rules, and more.

Retro Racing

Retro Racing involves the use of clones to create a track, with the goal being to record the least racing time. Mine was 1:50:43 when I played the game. The advanced engine temperature control was my favorite feature, and key controls are:

  • Start: [The Green Flag]

  • To control the Car: [WASD or Arrow Keys]

  • Brakes: [Space]

Slither is about a snake that feeds as it grows bigger. It also gains different colors as it grows. But I discovered you need to be careful. Other snakes can easily kill yours. With the choose skin button, you have the option to paint your snake. Keen to play? Here is the instructions:

  • Start: [The Green Flag]

  • Control your snake: [Mouse or touchpad]

  • If your snake has eaten enough: [Space or Click to dash]

Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb requires players to navigate the hilly path as they collect maximum points. Some obstacles are available on the way. You need to know how to dodge them and collect the points.

At the top of the screen, the game displays your level of fuel, personal best, and score. My research indicates that these are crucial instructions you need to play the game successfully.

  • Rotate anticlockwise in the air or accelerate: [Right Arrow]

  • To swap levels and vehicles: [V]

  • Rotate clockwise in the air or brake: [Left Arrow]

It was fun playing this game!


Are you eager to take the power? Play the Appel game! The game has a micro-manager character in his early stages of desperation to gain the golden apples’ power in order to control the Appelmoeshapje territory. My analysis of this game is that as his influence becomes bigger and bigger, the Appelmoeshapje world starts to turn against him. 

My task was to help the micro-manager navigate smoothly via each level and avoid any danger in the form of spikes. In my experience, you need to gather as many golden apples as possible before you can restore much-needed peace in the Appelmoeshapje world. Let’s discover some key controls:

  • Start: [The Green Flag]

  • To crouch, jump, and run: [WASD or Arrow Keys]

  • Quickly restart the level: [Q+R]

Tower of Scratch

A classic 2D game, Tower of Scratch features numerous levels you need to navigate. You need to help the little guy in the game to move and jump while at the same time sidestep traps and enemies. 

I personally liked the fact that each level is filled with fun. Your game will increase in difficulty as you progress from one level to another. With two options, Singleplayer and Raceonline, here are the game’s main controls:

  • Start: [The Green Flag]

  • Movement: [Mobile Tap/Arrow Keys/WASD-Keys]

  • Mute game: [M-Key]

  • Cancel chat: [Tap anywhere/T-Key]

  • Chat: [1-9 Keys]

  • Open chat: [Tap on player/T-key]

The Crusty Quest

A gentleman is stuck on the Palm Tree Island and really needs your help in order to escape safely. When I wore the adventure hat of this gentleman, I had to avoid perilous traps along my way as I collected treasure. 

Based on my first-hand experience of this game, the Palm Tree Island isn’t a walk in the park. It requires all your courage and energy to help the gentleman escape the island safely. The Crusty Quest’s most important controls are:

  • Start: [The Green Flag]

  • More: [WAD] or Arrow Keys]

  • Swing your blade and to progress text: [E] or [Space]

Mystic Valley

Mystic Valley features three major characteristics: gather coins to purchase powerups and items from the shop, watch out for unfriendly critters, and reach the safe ground to complete your adventure. Keen to know how I played the game? One thing I loved most was to jump on critters and defeat them. The controls I used were:

  • Start: [The Green Flag]

  • To choose phrase: [# or letter]

  • To chat: [T]

  • To toggle names: [N]

Moonlight Valley

When playing the Moonlight Valley game, I discovered it's almost similar to the Mystic Valley game. It involves gathering coins to purchase items from the shop. Dangerous critters are also available to watch out.

My thorough analysis of this game is that the four optional hidden places are what distinguishes it from the Mystic Valley game. What I enjoyed most was to discover one of these four optional hidden places and collect ten important points. How to play:

  • Start: [The Green Flag]

  • To phrase: [# or letter]

  • To chat: [T]

  • Turn names on/off: [N]

  • Activate a parachute: [Space]


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