Arm yourself with the best weapons in the world and fight for your life on our stunning new maps! With multiple game modes to choose from, has something for everyone. So gear up, soldier, and get ready to shoot some bad guys!

Update 10.02.2022: Added load/save code in profile menu. You can use this code to save and load your experience. 

<WASD> or <arrow keys> to move
<Left mouse click> to fire
<Right mouse click> to aim
<Space> to slide while moving
<Left shift> to run
<1, 2, 3> to change weapon
<E or F> to interact / pick up weapon
<G> to throw available dynamite
<H> to use available medkit
<T> to chat
<L> to toggle cursor lock
<C> to crouch
Hold <N> to show scoreboard
<Escape> to pause