Capybara Clicker Pro

Capybara Clicker Pro is an idle clicker game where you tap on the cute Capybara and earn Capybara coins. With the coins you make by clicking on the adorable animal, increase the number of coins every second and every click and reach more significant numbers!

The aim of this game is to tap and earn. You'll also unlock new fantastic Capybara characters as you progress!

How to Play Capybara Clicker Pro Unblocked

  • The game mechanics are straightforward. Get coins by tapping on the Capybara. You can boost your earnings per second or click by purchasing the boosters you can see on the right.
  • As you increase your income, you will also unlock new characters. You can view these fantastic characters by pressing the t-shirt icon at the top of the game screen.

Clicker Boosters

You will see boosters arranged one under the other on the right side of the screen. You must invest here with the Capybara coins you have earned for the game's progress. These boosters will help you a lot in increasing your earnings. Below, you can see a few booster examples.

  • Extra Click: This booster adds +1 coin per click.
  • Automated: With the Automated booster, you will add +1 coin to the idle coins you earn per second.
  • Multi Click: Multi Click makes you earn +5 Capybaras per click.
  • Drone: The Drone booster helps you gain +6 Capybaras per second.
  • Professional Clicker: With the Professional Clicker, you can earn +100 coins per click!

Capybara Characters

There are new Capybara characters that you will unlock as you progress through the game. They are all sweeter than each other! You can view these adorable creatures from the "Shop" section.

  • Capybarista: This Capy loves coffee so much!
  • Winged Capy: Think about a Capy with wings…
  • Cool Capy: A very charismatic Capybara that exists on Earth.
  • Baby Capybara: How cuter can a Capybara be?
  • Capyzebra: This is a mix of a Capybara and a zebra.


  • Simply tap on the Capybara to earn coins.

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Capybara Clicker Pro Unblocked